Landau Six-Pack of Scrub Caps for Women: Assorted Patterns-Landau

    Landau Six-Pack of Scrub Caps for Women: Assorted Patterns

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      This roomy scrub cap is perfect for those who have long or thick hair that's difficult to fit into a regular scrub cap. Each cap in this pack of six adds some stylish fun to your wardrobe while keeping your hair secure with an adjustable tie. With a sweatband on the inside and a side button to attach your face mask straps to, these caps are fashionable and functional.

      • Material Feature:null
      • Product Features:Roomy scrub cap
      • Top/Pant Detail:null
      • Pocket Description:null
      • Special Tech Features:Sweat patch on inside, buttons on outside to hold mask loops
      • Special Features:null
      • Fit Feature:null
      • Care Instructions:null

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